Interactive Workshops Day: Monday, 25 September 2017

Workshop A

0:00 AM - 0:00 AM Identification To Live Production – RPA Toolkit For Successful RPA Implementation At Your Organization

Anthony Scott, General Manager – Robotics, Automation & Transformation, Equifax
While RPA may be identified as a winning solution for your business operations, very few organizations have successfully delivered live productions that deliver on the tangible results promised at the conceptual stage. Many organizations have had to shelve RPA projects as they didn’t have the right guidance and approach in place that ensured success with their initiatives in the first place.

In a market that is yet to hit maturity for robotics deployment and has just a handful of case studies to learn from, this workshop will provide you the opportunity to learn from Anthony Scott, General Manager - Robotics, Automation & Transformation, Equifax who will recruit his knowledge around RPA initiatives across the front and back-end of the organization to provide you tangible evidence and takeaways on how RPA can be started and implemented at your own organization.

• How RPA opportunities might be identified for your organization
• Selecting the right partner
• Tailoring a successful RPA initiative – from identification to proof of concept and live production across the organization
• Identifying a structure for the management and maintenance of robots along the way
• Building long term effective governance into the delivery model


Anthony Scott

General Manager – Robotics, Automation & Transformation

Workshop B

0:00 AM - 0:00 AM Setting Up A Center of Excellence For Controlled Management And Delivery Of RPA Initiatives Across The Organization

With the Proof of Concept stage establishing the value of RPA initiatives at the organization, talks advance to how a self-governing establishment can be developed within the organization for strategic and controlled delivery of this solution for the relevant processes and departments. This is where the Center of Excellence comes into play. But while many organizations are evaluating their approach towards this, it is important to sift through the buzz and varied perspectives to understand the most practical approach towards the COE’s establishment. Hence, this session will run you through the best practices and common pitfalls to avoid with CoE establishment at your organization.

• Defining the CoE scope and the factors that influence where it sits within the organization
• Enabling CoE to identify capability gaps and bring process design transparency
• Establishing a controls framework that ties into the CoE and enables a risk management with technology delivery across business functions

Invited Facilitator:

Workshop C

0:00 AM - 0:00 AM Live RPA Example

With feedback from the RPA Sydney Summit showing interest in a live demonstration of how a RPA solution works and can be executed for a business function, we have decided to heed your advice and deliver an on-site, limited access exhibition of robotics software that progresses from a conceptual lens to show you:

• A live demonstration of robotics solutions for business processes
• Discuss the challenges with set-up and getting your organization’s processes ready for digital data entry capabilities
• Understanding how this virtual workforce capability can enhance the value-add by the humans